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Offers quality and affordable African safaris, Trekking on Kilimanjaro, and beach vacations in Zanzibar.

We will be with you in selecting and planning for your best customized safaris to all the Tanzanian National Parks, Game Reserves and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Team Guide Africa offer excellent, custom, personalized and affordable Tanzania Wildlife safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and Zanzibar Beach Holidays. We also offer budget tailor made packages for Cultural Tours, Bird Watching Safaris, Mikumi National Park Safaris, Selous Game Reserve Safaris, Masai Mara Safaris, Serengeti National Park Safaris, Ngorongoro Crater Safaris, Zanzibar Beach Holidays and Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing,.

As “a Land of Superlatives”

Tanzania is endowed with the largest and best game reserve in the world, Selous Game Reserve, The largest unflooded, unbroken caldera in the world, the world famous, giant and unfenced natural zoo, Ngorongoro Crater, The greatest game park in the world and the home to the most storied animal wildlife migration anywhere, Serengeti National Park, The Place for fishing and water sports, Indian Ocean Coastline, and all of the African Great Lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyasa (no any other country touches them all) The most exotic and magnificent Island, the Legendary Zanzibar, and the place where the first Human on earth walked, “ The Cradle of Mankind”, Olduvai Gorge and the highest mountain in Africa, popularly known as “The Roof of Africa”, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Adding more to visitor’s satisfaction, the country has modern tourist facilities and excellent infrastructures that enable easy and adventurous movements of visitors from one area to another and spending more time exploring the country’s exceptionally unique and wonderful resources.Our Itineraries

Can be a combination of Wilderness Safaris, Mountaineering and Beach stays allowing our guests thorough exposure to the many treats in Tanzania. Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and committed to ensuring that all your requirements are met, thereby allowing you to truly appreciate and enjoy your safari with us. In addition, we cater for individuals and groups wanting to spice up their travel for Mountain Climbing Adventure, Horseback or Camel Riding Safaris, Rafting Excursions, Big Game Fishing, Dolphin Sporting, Balloon Safaris and many more. Special interest tours can also easily be arranged.

Around you are Maasai (Masai), also viewed as one of the most distinctive tribes with rich and true African culture, preserved through generations. No one else can tell the African story better than the native themselves. For your African Dreams, Vacations and Adventures, please welcome to explore Tanzania with Team Guide Africa for safaris with a magic touch!

Also Team Guide Africa Provides Holidays for Elderly And Disabled People.

Which everyone enjoys, holiday tour Within an Appropriate holiday destinations. It is necessary to provide Basic information for Elders or disabled People before he or she can book his or her holiday with Us. Dear Our Esteemed Clients Explain to Us Clearly and exactly what your care needs are? We will Ensure your holiday plans will be more enjoyable with Team Guide Africa , and we will provide effective and efficient help or care that’s needed by our clients for their holiday destinations. You are Most Welcome, Book a holiday tour with Team Guide Africa .

Philanthropy Tourism in East Africa, East Africa Orphans and Philanthropy Tours

Africa is a continent whereby many orphans have appeared due to HIV-AIDS and other diseases which have inflicted many African communities. The sickness has been caused by mostly poverty in both the rural and urban centers, in view of the same orphans have resurrected. Team Guide Africa Safaris is a tour company based in Africa which has developed this new tourism package as part and parcel of community tourism in to the African continent. The main purpose of this package is to take tourists in various parts of Africa, mostly east Africa which incorporates Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

The ideal concept of orphanage tourism is partially charity tourism as well as community based tourism for alleviation of poverty among the African poor communities. Team Guide Africa Safaris tries to expose the poverty and the difficulty found within the African child, many orphans do not attend school while they languish within their rural set-ups and orphanages which are poorly managed due to lack of food, sanitation and housing. In view of the above concept Team Guide Africa Safaris develop this package for the local and foreign tourists to participate in the alleviation of poverty and misery among the African orphans. A child is having human right to go to school, feed and have a decent habitant, not to mention adequate sanitation facilities. Team Guide Africa Safaris invites foreign and local tourists for visits into East Africa orphanages and the East African orphan children living in the rural and urban centers.East Africa incorporates Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania which also Includes Pemba and Zanzibar islands. The stated countries of east Africa have their share. Of orphan children suffering from various difficulties which include: – lack of food, education and inadequate sanitary facilities not to mention parents. Team Guide Africa Safaris has created this new package- orphanage tourism as a community based tourism concept as well as charity tourism package. We appeal to those individuals, corporate and non-governmental organizations who would want to make a tour and partner with us in helping the African child who is orphaned through natural disasters out of his/ her making to live a decent life and have various childhood requirements to partner with us.



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