SHIRA ROUTE : 7-9 days

The Shira Route is an approach from the western side of Kilimanjaro. This route runs parallel and to the north of the Lemosho Route and the trailhead is accessed by vehicle taking 6 -7 hours driving time from ARUSHA or MOSHI. The road goes up to west Kilimanjaro to Londorosi gate.IN this gate is where shira route starts.This is more longer route in Kilimanjaro.
The elevation in Londorosi gate is 1900m ,The route goes to southeast side of kibo. Shira route join with lemosho route in shira 1 camp.
Lemosho and shira routes goes up to shira 2 and then join with machame route on the way to baranco or western breach.
The Western Breach Approach is also an option with this route.It is done in 7-9 days.

DAY 1:
Arrival Meet you at Kilimanjaro International Airport or else and transfer you to hotel where you will spend the night. Before dinner, your guide will sit with you, go through your equipment, help you pack, and brief you on the climb ahead. Enjoy a dinner and sleep to prepare for trek next day.

hotel – Londorosi Gate
After breakfast you will drive up to londorosi gate 3-4 hrs drive. After registration walk or because is longer route and there is a road drive up moram gate, this is the second gate on the way to up. From there start walking to shira1 which will take 1-2hrs. overnight in shira1( 3500m)

DAY 3 (HIKING DAY 2): Shira1-shira2
From Shira1Camp the route turns east towards Kibo.passing shira plateau which will take about 3 hrs to SHIRA2 hut campsite. Dinner and overnight.
Shira2 is 3850m
Because is a short day, after relaxing and getting cup of tea or hot lunch, walk at least 200m high and then back to the camp for dinner and overnight.

The route goes to east side of kibo join with machame route walking along alpine desert to laver tower 4600m then down to baranco campsite. The walk takes about 6-8 hrs. overnight and dinner in baranco camp.3950m
Optional Extra Acclimatization

If you like, and we highly recommend this as it improves your chances of success by 75%, hiking day 4 can be spent as an acclimatization day. On this day you will walk from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp. It will take around 4 hours to cover 7 km (4.3 miles) through Alpine Desert. Your guide will use this walk to assess your strength and stamina for the summit ahead. This also assists your guide in determining the pace you should summit at and what time to wake up to.

Karanga camp is taken by those who need extra day for acclimatization.You can walk 200m high after hot lunch and then back to the camp for dinner and overnight. Elevation 3930m.

Karanga camp to barafu camp
It is a short walk taking 3 hours to barafu campsite 4600m(15,000ft). getting picnic lunch or hot lunch relax and dinner in 5:00pm. This is soon dinner because you need to sleep and wake up midnight for summit. In barafu camp is real desert. After dinner you will get briefing from your Guide about summit.
Mid night start to walk toward stella point to uhuru peak.(5895m) After reaching this point you we will be on the top of Africa. Here you take 5-10 minutes for taking pictures and back to mweka camp via barafu camp. Mweka camp is 3,100m elevation.Dinner and overnight at mweka campsite.

After breakfast descend to mweka park gates in 3-4 hours. Where you will be met and transfer to hotel or Airport.



 Number of people       1      2      3      4   5-10
Price Offered $ 4,476
$ 3,503
$ 3,278 $ 3,160
$ 3,130

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